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There are patterns that’ll make you successful and patterns that’ll make you fail. There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel. Life coaching is your shortcut to discover your full potential.

If you decide to improve your life and get unstuck, you have to set yourself up with a strategy that makes you grow and allows you to get the results you want. Coaching gives you the best chance to get inspired about your life again.

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What is strategic intervention life coaching? I trained with Anthony Robbins’ and Cloe Madanes’ Life Coaching Academy of Strategic Intervention. Strategic Intervention is a programme dedicated to extracting the most effective tools from a range of disciplines such as Ericksonian theraphy, strategic family theraphy, human needs psychology, neurolinguistics, traditions of negotiation, spirituality and many others. Anthony Robbins created the […]

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Coaching is one of the most valuable tools that are available. That’s because when you attach coaching to anything you want to achieve, then coaching will add close to 80% effectiveness. This is backed by various studies. For example, Dr Gail Matthews conducted research on achieving goals at University of California. The participants of the study were focused of […]

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Hi! I’m Lena. A Strategic Intervention life coach, dedicated to help you reclaim and redesign your life. I’ve got a very inquisitive nature and I’ve learned how to push myself beyond my limitations. My life has always been about learning – learning new concepts and learning from my mistakes. I’ve been in regular training exploring many powerful […]

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